Motorcoach Pictures From Europe



Brussels, Belgium - March 2002
This is a beginning of the 1960's bus belonging to a private contractor running for Belgina National Railways in the prescribed green colors. The body is Jonckheere, the chassis is Miesse. Miesse was a well-known Belgian vehicle builder, who dissappeared beginning of the 1970's.

- John Veerkamp

This is a typical beginning of the 1960's Van Hool coach, probably an integral built with FIAT components, as that was Van Hool's standard at the time. I must say I have never been to this museum as I didn't know they have buses. There is a public transport museum in Brussels with a very large collection of trams and a dozen buses.

- John Veerkamp


A Van Hool coach in Brussels.  It's probably from the UK since it is right-hand drive.

Amsterdam, The Netherlands - March 2002

This is an Ayats Bravo double-decker coach visiting Amsterdam from the UK.  (Thanks Jim).
This is a Neoplan double-decker coach.  With the Mercedes logo, is must be powered by that type of engine.
Note the exit door(s) at the rear of this bus.

A Van Hool EOS. It operates for the British Tour company "Leger" although it is not owned by them. It is leased from a Motorcoach company and is probably on a DAF Chassis. - Jim Gorman.

I don't know what type of coaches these are, but I find the miniature one interesting.

The one right in front of the Mini-Coach is a Setra. - Jim Gorman.

This is a Van Hool T9-series coach.